# Layer:01 The Wired > No matter where you go, everyone's **connected**. This is [[02 vile#Layer 02 vile|my]] personal website, where I write about myself, but also just dump anything interesting to me. You should **not** take this site as some sort of reference to my resume, except you're chill and you take the entire website somewhat light-hearted. Lastly, do **not** put me in some sort of box by reading this site. If you want to form your opinion about me then get to know me. You can simply [[12 Contact#Layer 12 Contact|contact]] me and ask me anything you'd like to know. I am very complex, but most importantly, **I am more than just a website**. Also, you know how hard it is to get a .jp TLD?? s/o to koan gang!! [[13 The End|]][[12 Contact|]][[11 Evolution]][[10 Recommendations|]][[09 Advice|]][[08 Music|]][[07 Environment|]][[06 Passion|]][[05 Projects|]][[04 AI|]][[03 Skills|]][[02 vile|]][[01 The Wired|]]